We do ART, not bags.


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Jeoi6 was born in Paris, France in 2017. At Jeoi6, we use top end material with our unique design philosophy to show you the dedication we have for product’s quality and style. 

Our brand is dedicated to voicing a modern, strong, and independent spirit. We hope that through our brand, we could promote a more confident, natural, independent and self-acknowledged style for our customers. Jeoi6 is a gender-neutral brand. Our designs are not meant to fit a particular gender or style but have more to offer than mere labels. Our products are designed to be featured with your fashion style and your personality but still miraculously remain unique and stand out in the crowd.

Jeoi6 is committed to a high level of quality. Our material comes from the renowned tannery in LE PUY-EN-VELAY. All our products are handcrafted with experience and dedication.  

At Jeoi6, we don’t believe in pretentious design with excessive decoration. Our products will never overwhelm with excessive elements or overrated design ideas. We want to create a simple but unique personality that will establish a connection between our clients and our products. We believe a two-way communication between the carrier and the product is a quality that a classic item should have. Our products show a distinctive aesthetic: Avant-Garde with unexpected form, but still elegant in everyday life.