Randie Noir

Randie Noir


-W9.1 X H3.5 X D2.4/W23 X H9 X D6

-Strap length is adjustable from 70cm to 110cm.

Design: The bag itself has a chic, clean, and yet very colorful style. Randie offers a variety of styling options can be used as clutch, handbag, crossbody bag, wallet, and belt bag.

Quality: Crafted from French Calf leather "VEAU MUST", sourced from Auvergne in France. This classic leather comes directly from the renowned tannery in Le Puy-en-Velay. Full-grained and delicately pigmented, it is sensitive to the touch and knocks of everyday life and this demands special attention.

We do ART, Not just BAG. 

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Product Care

-The usage product should avoid greasy substances, cosmetics, as well as other materials that will likely cause color transfer.

-Our products are designed with utmost care and attention, resulting a long lasting classic. It should only be cleaned with a soft and white cloth or tended to professional leather care.